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DLM, blower truck expert

In 1991, Yves Romanet created his logging and forestry work company, in Sonnay in Isère, not far from the Rhône valley and the Pilat regional natural park. In 1999, he launched into the production of wood energy chips and quickly found himself confronted with a thorny problem, like all of his colleagues, namely the delivery of the chips to his customers...

The constraint is to fill a silo, either by dumping into it, in which case it must be buried or passable by vehicles, or by dumping onto clean ground and using a machine. In all these cases, the operation requires significant investments that are not easily accessible to individuals or small communities. This therefore constitutes a significant obstacle to the development of the activity.

Not shying away from obstacles, in 2006 he worked on the development of a forest chip blower for which he filed two patents n°0754936 and 0752753. The following year, in 2007, he marketed his system, capable to blow wafers and also granules.

From now on, the company DLM Industry Solutions installs its systems in new but also on existing dumpsters, agricultural or road.


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