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Blower truck construction in Winnipeg

Thanks to the blower trucks that we put at your disposal, the tasks of transporting and unloading fuel for heating are faster and simplified. If you work in this field of activity, or if you are an individual wishing to optimize the supply of your silos, discover our services and products through this article.

Customized blowing systems

Thanks to the know-how of Yves Romanet and his team, we design highly efficient and patented blowing systems. In other words, you won't find our technologies anywhere else. We have a wide range of solutions to install on different truck models. Each customer receives a tailor-made quote perfectly adapted to their needs. Our technicians are at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made solution.

New trucks or not

We offer 2 types of services regarding our blower trucks. The first is to market whole new trucks ready for use. This solution is suitable if you do not have a vehicle available to transport your pellets. The second option consists of installing our blowing systems on trucks you already own. This way, you will no longer have to invest in another truck and will only have to pay for the blowing device and installation. This solution is best suited if you already have a truck.

Some products from our catalog

For your needs in the city of Winnipeg, here is a list of our products that could suit you:

  • Double mixed turbine;
  • Double turbine for pellets;
  • Double turbine for wafers;
  • Double mixed turbine;
  • Double turbine for pellets;
  • Double turbine for wafers
  • Double turbine blower for pellets;
  • Double turbine blower for wafers;
  • Single turbine vacuum cleaner/blower for pads;
  • Double turbine vacuum cleaner / blower, for pellets;
  • Single turbine vacuum cleaner/blower, for forest chips.