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Construction of blower truck in Paris

A truck equipped with a blowing device facilitates the delivery of large quantities of pellets or even wafers intended for supplying heating appliances. Are you a professional heating fuel supplier in Paris and are you looking for such a vehicle? You might be interested in DLM’s products and services.

Who is DLM Industry Solutions?

We offer patented, tailor-made blowing and on-board weighing systems that can be adapted to several types of trucks. We also sell ready-to-use trucks on which we have previously installed a suitable device. We serve a wide range of customers including Broyage Noeppel, Thermonéo, Granoéco, Inovely Lecoeur and many others in France, particularly in Paris.

Our ranges of trucks and equipment

We mainly offer blowing systems intended for heating fuels such as pellets and chips, however, we have also developed devices suitable for other goods such as crushed ice, straw or even substrates for green roofs. Here are the products that we put at your disposal:

  • Double mixed turbine;
  • Double turbine for wafers;
  • Double turbine for pellets;
  • Double turbine blower for pellets;
  • Double turbine blower for wafers;
  • Single turbine vacuum cleaner/blower for pads;
  • Single turbine vacuum cleaner/blower for forest chips;
  • Double turbine vacuum cleaner/blower for pellets.

We also note that our technicians can help you find the best financing options adapted to your project and your means if necessary.

To conclude

Are you interested in our blowing systems or blowing trucks? Send us a message without further delay by accessing the “Contact” menu on our official website to obtain additional information or a quote from us. The operation is free and without obligation. All our customers are satisfied with our products and we offer the best prices.