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Blower truck construction in Ottawa

Nowadays, it is essential to find modern solutions for tedious and time-consuming tasks. The transport and unloading of combustible materials are major challenges for professionals and individuals. At DLM Industry Solutions, we are aware of this problem. We then offer you efficient and highly sophisticated solutions for this type of task. Discover our custom blowing systems and blowing trucks.

DLM Industry Solutions, specialist in on-board blowing systems

At DLM Industry Solutions, we specialize in the design and development of onboard blowing systems. We build blower trucks from new trucks and we also install our devices on your own vehicles. Our blowers come from the engineering of Yves Romanet and all have a patent. We are recognized throughout France, but also in Canada, where we offer our services in Ottawa and many other cities.

Quality products

What sets us apart from the competition is above all the quality of our products. Indeed, we design blowing systems thanks to the experience and know-how of our highly qualified technicians, under the supervision of our workshop manager Yves Romanet. Each element is rigorously checked to obtain an effective, durable and reliable device.

Our blowing systems are suitable for any truck, whether dump or agricultural trailers. So, if you already have one of these vehicles, all you need to do is have our blowers installed without having to buy an entire truck.

Our blowing devices are equipped with powerful motors allowing them to provide a high suction and blowing flow rate. As a result, loading and unloading of materials is faster. Whether it is heating fuels, crushed ice, green roof substrates or others, our blowers are able to transport and unload them without incident wherever you are in Ottawa.