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Blower truck construction in Montreal

Using a blower truck greatly simplifies the distribution of bulk heating fuels. Whether wafers or pellets, these vehicles allow you to efficiently fill your storage, even in an area that is difficult to access. Moreover, it is a solution perfectly suited to suppliers supplying industrial companies. At DLM Industry Solutions, we design quality custom blower trucks, available in the Montreal area and in many cities in Canada.

A more efficient and cutting-edge approach

Professionals and individuals are today looking for modern solutions for the transport of fuels and other grain materials. Blower trucks represent one of the most suitable solutions. Thanks to these devices, location and access to silos are no longer a problem.

In fact, a suction system is mounted on the blower trucks. The latter is equipped with an extendable pipe which facilitates access to the silo over a long distance. This means the truck no longer needs to be near the silo opening, and unloading time is shortened thanks to the suction power.

Some of our blowing solutions

To give you an overview of our products, here are some examples of the equipment we offer:

  • Twin turbine blowing systems: suitable for pellets, wafers or a mixture of both;
  • Simple vacuum cleaners/blowers for ordinary or forestry wood chips;
  • Dual vacuum/blowers for pellets.

To view all of our products, please visit our official website. You can also request a quote or ask questions via the “Contact” section of our page.

Quality blower trucks

At DLM Industry Solutions, we design custom, high-quality blower trucks. We aim for our customers to invest in devices that are reliable and last for many years. They adapt to all your needs in Montreal. Please note that we also deliver to other cities in Canada and other countries.