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Construction of blower truck in Liège

Does your company offer delivery services for large quantities of fine items? In this case, you should invest in a blower truck. Loading/unloading goods is easier and faster with this type of vehicle. In particular thanks to the blowing system with which it is equipped. At DLM Industry Solutions, we specialize in the construction of blower trucks. And our products are now marketed in Liège.

Learn a little more about our blower trucks!

We offer a wide selection of blowing systems. We mainly focus on models for heating fuels such as pellets. However, you will also find systems suitable for other elements in our catalog. We cite, for example, mulch, crushed ice or substrates for green roofs.

Also, we can modify the standard models so that they are better adapted to your activities. We also note that all our products are patented. They were originally designed by the famous Yves Romanet. So you can be sure that they are reliable, robust and of good quality.

And our other services?

Our services are not limited to the construction and sale of blower trucks! We also support you with the procedures for applying for financing. As LCL partners, we are able to present several options to you. It is then up to you to choose a solution that suits you. Then, we help you put together your file and request.


Purchasing a blower truck represents a significant investment. Opt for quality and choose our products to avoid future disappointments! You will find all of our offers on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require additional information. Whether on blower trucks or on our services!