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Blower truck construction in Glasgow

Do you operate in the distribution of heating fuels in Glasgow? In this case, our blower trucks could be of great use to you! Find out the details about our offers and the services we offer in your city.

Our team

In a few words, we are a company specializing in the construction of blower trucks. More precisely, we design on-board blowing systems. We then install them on a wide range of vehicles. We mainly focus on systems suitable for blowing heating fuels. However, we also offer models for blowing mulch or crushed ice. You will discover all our products by browsing our website. And you know what? All the equipment you will find there is patented

What else do we offer?

You understood everything! Our services are not limited to the construction of blower trucks. We can also adjust the models according to your needs. This way, they will be perfectly adapted to your activity. This is essential to optimize the speed of loading/unloading processes. But also to guarantee the sustainability of the system.

Did you know that you can obtain financing for the purchase of your blower truck? Simply contact us to discover the solutions available to you. We'll provide you with the essential details on each option. Then, we will help you put together your file. In short, we offer a complete support service!


Designed by Yves Romanet, all our on-board blowing systems are efficient and robust. In addition, we offer them at a very competitive price. Contact us without further delay to obtain additional information on our services! We would be happy to answer your questions and help you. You can also browse our website to discover our offers in detail.