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Construction of blower truck in Geneva

Are you looking for a blower truck? At DLM Industry Solutions, we offer vehicles that can meet your needs. Robust and efficient, they will allow you to comfortably accomplish your missions. Let's do a check in.

About Us

We specialize in the design of blowing systems and the construction of custom blower trucks. Our innovative equipment is renowned in the market for its high performance. You will find models adapted to your needs with us, whatever your status:

  • Business ;
  • Industry ;
  • Community;
  • Particular.

Furthermore, you can obtain financing for your investment. Simply contact us for information on the solutions available to you.

The benefits of our blowing solutions

Our blowing systems are distinguished by their quality and efficiency. They were originally designed by our workshop manager, Yves Romanet. Moreover, they are patented. Also, we can adapt them to your needs. For example, it is possible to install them on dump trucks and agricultural trailers. In addition, we give you the choice between several models, depending on your activity.

Our products highlighted

Our catalog includes many products. We invite you to discover some examples:

  • Double turbine vacuum cleaner / blower, for pellets - JYJ 400 B;
  • Double turbine blower for wafers - JYJ 500 B;
  • Double mixed turbine - JYJ 600 C;
  • Single turbine vacuum cleaner/blower, for forest chips - JYJ 400 A;
  • Double turbine blower for wafers - JYJ 500 B.


Are you looking to invest in a new blower truck? Do you prefer to adapt the truck you already own to limit expenses? We have the solution for you, whatever your needs! Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information. We offer our services in Geneva.