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Blower truck construction in Calgary

If you are a professional specializing in the supply of heating fuels in Calgary, you should know that at DLM Industry Solutions we offer various ranges of blowing solutions. Our blower trucks make it possible to deliver large quantities of pellets or chips to power heating systems, and we design tailor-made vehicles. Find out in detail.

Our Personalized Approach

At DLM industry Solutions, we design blower trucks that meet your exact needs. Taking into account your sector of activity, the size of your company and your specific requirements, our technicians offer you tailor-made solutions.

If you already have your own truck, we are able to adapt it to transform it into a high-performance blower truck. All of our blower ranges are designed to suit any type of vehicle. This way, you will no longer have to make an unnecessary investment.

Versatile blowing solutions

At DLM Industry Solutions, we have developed a variety of blowing systems that allow us to build blower trucks suitable for a multitude of applications. It is true that our specialty lies in devices adapted to pellets and wafers. However, we also offer models designed for handling straw, mulch, green roof substrates, and even crushed ice. Here are some examples of our products:

  • Double turbine vacuum cleaner/blower for pellets;
  • Double turbine blower for wafers;
  • Double mixed turbine.

You will find all of our products by visiting the online catalog of our official website.

Your free personalized quote in Calgary

If you are interested in our blowing solutions, we invite you to contact us without delay via the “Contact” menu on our official website. There you will obtain more information and our technicians will offer you a free personalized quote in Calgary.