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Blower truck construction in Antwerp

Are you looking for a blower truck in Antwerp? You are in the right place ! We are delighted to present our offers in this area to you.

About us

We are a company specializing in the construction of on-board blowing systems. We then install them on several truck models. We can also readjust standard equipment according to your needs. You thus obtain a vehicle perfectly adapted to your activities. Our services are now available in Antwerp, Belgium.

Why choose our blower trucks

Designed by Yves Romanet, our blowing systems are of superior quality. And they are all patented! They are also customizable according to your needs, as we said above. In addition, our prices are particularly competitive. In addition, we offer a wide choice of systems.

What systems do we make available to you?

We offer several blowing system models:

  • For pellets
  • For pads
  • mixed
  • Single turbine models
  • Dual Turbine Models

You will discover all of our offers by visiting our website. We also gave details on each piece of equipment.

Need financing? We support you!

You can request financing for the purchase of your blower truck. We offer a complete support service for this. We start by presenting all the solutions available to you. Then, we help you put together your file and make the request.


The blower truck is essential for deliveries of heating fuels. But also crushed ice, mulch or even substrates for green roofs. At DLM Industry Solutions, we offer several customizable models. And at the best price! You can check our website to find out more details about them. We are also at your disposal if you ever have any questions. Just contact us. You will find our contact details on the platform.