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DLM French designer and manufacturer of blower trucks and blowing systems

The most profitable solution in terms of technological performance for delivery people, farmers, people working in the CUMA sector, fixed-station industries and communities.

Opt for custom-developed blower trucks and blowing systems that adapt effectively to your needs and your activities with DLM.

We innovate blowing technologies to offer you products that are above the market in terms of technological performance.

DLM has also developed systems for other applications, such as blowing crushed ice, green roof substrates, mulch, straw, etc.
And many other things...

We manufacture blowers:

  • Adaptable to tippers or poly tippers of trucks or agricultural trailers for businesses.
  • With autonomous and independent hydraulic motors.
  • Which make it possible to deliver pellets, forest chips, but also all industrial products requiring pneumatic transport.

DLM, an innovative company facing the problems of blower trucks.

We already have to our credit various systems optimized to bring you comfort and performance thanks to the innovative talent of our workshop manager (known in the trade) Yves Romanet (author of patented inventions registered with the INPI).


We already have to our credit various systems optimized to bring you comfort and performance thanks to the innovative talent of our workshop manager Yves Romanet (author of patented inventions registered with the INPI).
Recently DLM developed a world first: the electric snow blower as well as blower bins with on-board weighing

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Do you want to invest in quality industrial equipment in order to develop your business, increase your competitiveness, better meet the needs of your customers or simply replace equipment that is now obsolete?

The success of your project depends greatly on the quality of your equipment, but also on the right financing solution.

DLM Industry Solutions supports you in your project.

To find out about the main financing solutions for your industrial equipment, please contact our teams.

DLM Industry Solutions

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Video of a wafer unloading at 50 meters

Delivery by blowing facilitates the installation of automatic wood chip boilers

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If traditional skips can be used to supply heating fuels and granulated materials of all kinds, a blower truck brings many considerable advantages.
- Firstly, the blowing device saves time on unloading thanks to the adjustable flow motor;
- Second, the system pipe is relatively long, which allows easy access to the storage area. Customers no longer have to invest in the construction of expensive specific conduits to transport fuels from the truck to the storage area;
- Finally, the blower truck makes it possible to speed up supply tasks thanks to skips divided into compartments and approved weighing systems installed on the truck.

Blower trucks can have different uses. They can be used in the supply of different grain materials. For example, the heating fuel supply sector uses this type of vehicle the most.
However, there are other sectors such as agriculture where blower trucks are used to supply grain corn, for example. The fishing sector can also call on the use of a blower truck to supply crushed ice.
In short, a blower truck is a versatile piece of equipment that is useful in many areas.

At DLM Industry Solutions, we offer the design of tailor-made blower trucks for our customers. For this, we offer two choices to our customers, professionals or individuals.
The first option is to provide a new truck that we will adapt and install a blower system on it. The second consists of adapting the device to a truck already owned by customers.
This type of choice offers customers the opportunity to find the right compromise according to their budget and their needs. Our goal is for customers to have a fully operational, quality blower truck that meets their needs.

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