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Wood boilers, cost and efficiency

The use of wood boilers often gives rise to debates on the ecological level. These devices are particularly sophisticated and can supply the entire heating network of a house. Fuelwood is also a renewable energy and, contrary to popular belief, its use does not inevitably contribute to the destruction of the environment. Discover the different types of wood boilers, their efficiency and their price.

The different types of wood boilers

There are 3 main types which are distinguished according to the format of the fuel used.

The pellet boiler

This model works in the same way as gas or oil boilers. In fact, the fuel supply is done automatically and the temperature can be adjusted. It is autonomous and has excellent performance.

The log boiler

This equipment can be forced draft or turbo, and reverse combustion. The boiler must be regularly supplied with logs. Yield varies depending on the model you use.

The wafer boiler

This device is generally used to heat very large areas, particularly collective housing. The power of the devices can easily exceed 300 kW and the fuels used are chipped wood chips from forest industries. The wafer boiler operates automatically.


The efficiency of wood boilers

The performance of this type of device varies depending on the model you use. A pellet boiler can display an efficiency ranging between 80% and 90%. The wafer type offers the highest efficiency, often above 90%. As for the log model, it displays the lowest efficiency, ranging between 50% and 80%.

Current wood boilers are very sophisticated. Energy performance can be optimized using equipment such as the variable speed exhaust fan, the regulation system using a lambda probe or the control panel equipped with a regulation thermostat.

Costs relating to a wood boiler

The main cost relating to a wood boiler is its purchase price. This varies depending on the type and model you are going to buy. Generally, the price ranges between 2 and 500 euros.

Next comes the cost of installation and transportation. These are the heaviest expenses, since you will easily be charged a price between 15 and 000 euros for a new installation.

Finally, fuel costs must be considered. It takes between 50 and 120 euros per ton of logs and chips. Regarding pellets, the price per ton varies between 250 and 400 euros. As you can see, wood boilers represent a considerable saving in terms of fuel, since an average consumption of fuel oil is 1 euros per year, while wood is between 500 and 450 euros.