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The right choice of a blower

A blower is a versatile, practical device that saves considerable time in different tasks. It is generally mounted on a truck to facilitate the transport of pellets and other bulk products. To choose this equipment carefully, you need to know its uses. This will help you select the right model for you.

Choose a blower based on its use

Blowers play a crucial role in various industrial sectors. In particular, they facilitate the transport of granulated materials. Each area uses it in a specific way to meet its particular needs:

  • Transport of biomass pellets, such as wood pellets or pellets.
  • Efficient storage in silos for later use.
Supply :
  • Easy delivery of pelleted feed intended for livestock.
  • Transfer of finished products or raw materials for food manufacturing.
Agriculture :
  • Optimized handling of fertilizers and agricultural products in granules.
  • Transportation of materials from storage silos to fields, thereby improving the fertilization and agricultural production process.

Choose from the models available from us

At DLM Industry Solutions, we offer different types of blowers. You can choose between single and twin turbine models.

Double turbine blowers

JYJ 700 C - Dual mixed turbine

The JYJ 700 C blowing device is equipped with a double mixed turbine. It efficiently propels materials at least 40 meters. With a flow rate of 1 m3/min or 12 t/h, it is suitable for experienced professionals. As an option, it offers on-board weighing for precise load control. It can be equipped with a self-contained 94 horsepower diesel engine for flexible on-site use.

JYJ 500 C - Double turbine blower for pellets

The JYJ 500 C blowing device is equipped with a double turbine dedicated to pellets. It is ideal for beginner professionals. It is suitable for mounting on the rear door of a small truck or agricultural trailer. This device offers options such as manual approved on-board weighing for precise load control. It also offers a compartmented skip allowing multiple deliveries.


JYJ 500 C - Double turbine blower for pellets

Single turbine blowers

JYJ 500 A - Single turbine vacuum cleaner / blower for pads

The JYJ 500 A blowing device has a single turbine for wafers. It is suitable for beginner professionals. It works on the power take-off of a tractor (1000 rpm) with 3-point coupling. Available with or without a vacuum hose, it offers a loading hopper option to facilitate the wafer loading process.

JYJ 400 A - Single turbine vacuum cleaner/blower, for forest chips

The JYJ 400 A blowing device is ideal for individuals or small farms. Its options include adaptation to a skip and the possibility of suction or hopper. You also have the choice between an electric or thermal drive to meet various usage needs.

Find the right blower for your needs

In conclusion, choosing a good blower is of great importance in various industrial sectors. At DLM Industry Solutions, we provide you with a wide selection of equipment. So explore single or dual turbine models and find the one that meets your requirements and needs.

Please note that we offer custom blowers and for further information you can contact us by following this link.