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Blower Truck Maintenance: How to Maximize the Life of Your Investment

Using a blower truck is a great alternative to make certain tasks faster and easier. However, these devices require periodic maintenance in order to fully ensure their function for many years. Discover the essential points to check when maintaining your blower truck.

Truck maintenance

The truck represents the very basis of the blower truck. This vehicle must be able to drive correctly to be useful to you and get you to your destination. It is therefore essential to look into its mechanical maintenance.

Periodic engine check

To be fully functional, your truck must have a healthy engine. To do this, periodic maintenance such as changing the engine and gearbox oil must be respected. The same goes for replacing belts and filters.

Be on the lookout for the slightest changes in your vehicle's behavior. Unusual smoke coming from the exhaust, irregular noises coming from the engine, oil leaks, all of these are signs that there is a problem that needs checking.

All these reflexes will help to avoid severe damage and extend the life of your engine. Remember that a serious breakage in the engine compartment can cost several hundred euros, or even its complete replacement.

Checking the chassis and running gear

After checking the condition of the engine, you should also inspect the condition of the chassis, running gear and suspension. Your vehicle carries heavy loads all year round. A weakened chassis can quickly render it unusable.

To do this, remember to regularly lean under your vehicle and examine the slightest cracks in the chassis. Check the condition of the running gear and shock absorbers. If you hear rattling noises when driving on paved roads, there is a problem at these levels.

Maintenance of the blowing device

Next, you need to maintain the blowing device itself. Here too, you need to focus on different key elements.

Maintenance of the device motor

A blower is equipped with a motor that will suck up and unload the pellets and other products from the truck to the storage location. This engine needs periodic maintenance, just like the truck. Emptying and replacement of worn elements should be planned regularly. As an illustration, our model, the JYJ 700B, is equipped with a 94 HP diesel engine offering a flow rate of 12 t/h.

Checking the pipes

It is also essential to carefully check the condition of the pipes intended to transport the pellets from the truck to the storage location. It can be several tens of meters long, which will make your task relatively complex. Look for holes that could cause leaks when you activate the blower.

Checking the overall operation of the blower

Finally, check the overall operation of your blower. For example, it must be able to deliver the maximum flow rate it is allowed to produce. If the actual flow rate is very low compared to the expected figures, there is a malfunction to check. Also look for possible leaks from the blower motor, as well as an irregular rise in temperature.