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Financing for agricultural equipment / blower truck

Nowadays, the agricultural sector is very modernized. The acquisition of cutting-edge equipment makes it possible to greatly reduce working time. This also alleviates task difficulty. Productivity is boosted. However, blower trucks or agricultural machinery are expensive. With prices reaching several tens of thousands of euros, it is difficult to acquire them. This is where it may be wise to seek financing. Let's do a check in.

What financing is available in France?

In France, several financing options are possible for the acquisition of agricultural equipment. The purchase of a blower truck can very well be financed. Banks often offer specific loans. These are intended to finance the purchase of agricultural equipment or professional vehicles. You can then request a loan from your usual bank. You can also contact a bank specializing in agricultural financing.

There is also various public aid intended for farmers and professionals in the sector. This aid can take the form of grants, reduced rate loans or loan guarantees.

Crowdfunding, also called crowdfunding, may be an option. It involves raising funds from a large group of people interested in your agricultural truck project. You could thus attract the attention of platforms specializing in agriculture or environmental initiatives.

Finally, you can look for private investors or business partners. They will invest funds in exchange for a stake in your business. Collaboration can take other forms of financial agreements.

France Relance Plan, financing to take into consideration

The France Relance Plan, managed by FranceAgriMer, supports agricultural investments. The aim is to promote sustainability, efficiency and innovation in the sector. Plan France Relance encourages farmers and agricultural stakeholders to invest in equipment promoting the following results:

  • Sustainable resource management;
  • Resilience to climate change;
  • Reduction of chemical inputs;
  • Preservation of biodiversity;
  • Improvement of working conditions.

Three envelopes were opened in January 2024 to subsidize the purchase of agricultural equipment meeting these criteria. The beneficiaries can be individual farmers, cooperatives or even agricultural high schools...

Subsidies vary from 20% to 40% of the excluding tax cost of investments. Additional aid of 10% is planned for certain specific beneficiaries. Aid increased by 75% is available for farmers in overseas departments. In all cases, grant requests must respect minimum and maximum spending amounts.

To conclude: why call for funding for such a project?

The main advantage is obviously access to funds. These are therefore dedicated to financing the construction of the truck. This type of project involves a significant financial investment. Whether in terms of purchasing materials, equipment and labor.

By using external financing, you conserve your cash flow for other business needs or opportunities. This can be particularly important in the agricultural sector. Indeed, cash flow is often necessary to cover operating costs. Without forgetting the unexpected.

Financing allows you to spread the costs of your project over a longer period. Payments are spread over several years. This can make the project more affordable in the short term. At the same time, cash flow management is made easier.

Depending on the type of financing used, you may be eligible for tax benefits. Examples include interest deductions or accelerated depreciation. It is recommended that you consult a tax expert to understand the specific implications of your financing.