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How to easily transport wood pellets?

Transporting wood pellets requires specific equipment. In fact, blower trucks have been specially designed to facilitate this task. Discover their advantages, their approximate prices as well as some models that we offer to our customers.

What are the advantages of using a blower truck?

Using a blower truck has its share of advantages:

  • Significant time savings when unloading: the blower truck uses a blower system to unload the wood pellets quickly. This saves time when unloading. This aspect is particularly advantageous for large-scale bulk deliveries;
  • Reduction in handling: with a blower truck, it is possible to unload the wood pellets directly into the storage silo. The operation does not require additional manual handling. This reduces the effort required. ;
  • Unloading efficiency: pellets are transported from the truck to the silo through a pipe. This reduces losses during unloading. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the flow rate for greater precision;
  • Versatility of the blower truck: it can be used to transport materials other than wood pellets. It allows, among other things, the transport of granules or small particles.

How much does a blower truck cost?

There are two options for getting a blower truck. The first is dedicated to those who already own a “classic” truck and wish to mount a blower device on their vehicle. At DLM, we supply the blower and ensure assembly.

The second option is a solution from A to Z. We provide customers with a new truck equipped with a blowing device.

Given the specifics of each option, the price will vary greatly from one solution to another. This depends on the size of the truck and the characteristics of the blowing device. The bill can go up to several tens of thousands of euros. In any case, it is an investment that will last over several years. It will allow you to optimize your tasks.

Some models we offer

Here are some models of blowing devices that we offer in our catalog:

  • YJ 700 B - Double turbine for pellets: this system is designed for the transport of wood pellets. It offers a flow rate of 1 m3/min or 12 t/h over a range of 40 meters. Aimed at experienced professionals, it has options such as an integrated blower between two doors to reduce noise, on-board batch weighing and a 94 hp diesel engine;

  • JYJ 500 B - Double turbine blower for wood chips: this model is designed for wood chips, ideal for beginner professionals. Mounted on a small truck, it offers great versatility for all-purpose transport operations.

Conclusion: the blower truck, a practical solution

The blower truck is effective in ensuring easy transport of wood pellets. Unloading is quick while handling is easier. Furthermore, it is possible to use it to transport other types of materials. At DLM, we offer a varied range of blowing devices. Thanks to this, we can better satisfy the specific needs of customers. Although costs vary depending on the option chosen, this sustainable investment makes it possible to optimize the transport of wood pellets in the long term.