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How to transform your truck or agricultural trailer into an efficient pneumatic transport system?

Transporting agricultural products in large quantities is a complex task. Loading and unloading them can take a long time. Fortunately, there is a practical solution. This is the pneumatic transport system. What is this ? How it works ? The answers in this article.

What is pneumatic transport?

Pneumatic transport allows bulk products to be moved. It is used to transport various materials:

  • The powder ;
  • The granules;
  • Fluids or particulate substances.

The device uses a sealed conduit. The goods are transported there. It is powered by differences in pressure and gas flow. This technology is widely used in various industries, including:

  • Agri-food;
  • Chemistry ;
  • The pharmacy ;
  • The construction….

The different types of pneumatic transport

Two main methods are used to generate these conditions: suction and overpressure.

  • Pneumatic transport by suction: the system creates a vacuum inside the pipe. This allows bulk materials to be drawn through the piping. This method is particularly useful for materials sensitive to moisture;
  • Pneumatic transport by overpressure: a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure is applied to the inlet end of the pipe. This forces bulk materials to be pushed along the pipes to their destination. This method is often preferred when materials need to be transported long distances.

The advantages of this type of system

In both cases, pneumatic transport offers several advantages:

  • Clean and safe handling of bulk materials;
  • Reducing the risks of contamination;
  • Saving time in loading/unloading;
  • The ability to transport materials over long distances;
  • Limitation of losses in quality and quantity.

Two accessible options

We offer two flexible options to meet the varied needs of our customers:

  • Ready-to-use trucks

We offer a range of trucks equipped with pneumatic transport systems. They are directly ready for use. These vehicles guarantee optimal performance. They offer uncompromising reliability. This is a turnkey solution.

  • Transform existing trucks

This offer is dedicated to those who already own trucks. We offer a personalized installation service for these devices. Our technical teams go to site. They assess the specific needs of each client. The necessary equipment is installed precisely. You no longer have to buy new trucks.

Ask our services !

At DLM Industry Solutions, we provide tailor-made pneumatic conveying solutions. We are specialized in the design of this type of system. Our company is a trusted partner. We respond to the specific needs of our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for the transport of powdered materials, granules or agricultural products.