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How to store your wood pellets and pellets throughout the year?

Using a wood pellet stove is an economical and ecological initiative. In fact, it is a renewable energy source. This is both easily accessible and inexpensive. However, storage represents a real challenge. It must be done according to the rules. In this way, the granules will maintain their effectiveness for a long time. Here are a few tips.

Store pellets indoors or outdoors?

It makes more sense to store your pellets indoors. But if you're short on space, you can consider storing them outside.

Indoor storage

Store pellets in a dry place. Humidity is the worst enemy of these fuels. You can reuse the wooden pallet on which your pellets arrived. Place it in a dry place. Cover it with cardboard. Stack your bags on top. This method helps support the weight of the bags. This optimizes the available space.

If you have a dry, elevated place in a corner of the house, you can also stack the bags on top of each other. You will save space. Plus, you won't have to use the palette.

Outdoor storage

Storing pellets outside is more complex. Different weather conditions easily alter their quality. So you need to take precautions. It is essential to choose an elevated area. This ensures that water will not reach them easily.

Put the pallet down first. Then place a large, heavy-duty canvas tarp. Make sure that it can completely cover all the pellet bags once placed on them. The tarpaulin must be strong enough to:

  • Protect bags from humidity;
  • Not easily pierced by rodents and pets;
  • Resist bad weather.

Make sure the opening of the tarpaulin is well sealed. This way, it will not allow moisture to infiltrate.

How to store your pellets?

Here are other valuable tips for properly storing your wood pellets throughout the year:

  • Store rationally: there is no point storing several tonnes of pellets if your needs are, for example, only 500 kg in a year. Buy a reasonable quantity to let your stock renew more regularly. This way, you will always have good quality pellets;
  • Store bags wisely: remember to classify and use them in order of seniority;
  • Make a shelter outside: the pellets will not be directly exposed in your yard. Take the time to build a small shelter if you don't have a storage room. They must be protected from bad weather at all costs;
  • Store the pellets not far from the stove: you won't have to worry about moving the bags a long distance.

Conclusion: store your wood pellets properly!

For optimal storage of wood pellets throughout the year, leave nothing to chance. When it comes to transporting these fuels, trust our services. At DLM Solutions, we offer you professional systems.