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How to ensure the durability and performance of your pellet stove?

A pellet stove is expected to last for many years. To fully fulfill its functions over time, this device must be regularly maintained. How to carry out this task properly? Discover the essential elements to clean and check on a wood pellet stove.

Regular maintenance of your pellet heating system

Please note that there are two types of maintenance to be carried out on a pellet stove:

  • Daily or weekly or daily maintenance:
  • In-depth annual maintenance.

The first can be done by yourself using a few basic tools.

As for in-depth maintenance, it must be carried out by a specialized professional. The latter will inspect and clean your stove down to its nooks and crannies. The objective is to ensure the proper functioning of each part of the device.

The technician will take the opportunity to sweep your chimney. Please note that this operation must be undertaken twice a year. This prevents the paths from being blocked by soot.

How to maintain your pellet stove?

It is necessary to inspect and clean several essential elements of the device. Please note that all operations carried out on your device must be done when it is turned off and cold. This minimizes the risk of fire and burns.

Le creuset

This is the part of the pellet stove where combustion takes place. As a result, ashes tend to accumulate there. As they settle, it becomes more and more difficult for air to enter, which makes combustion suboptimal. To clean the crucible, use a vacuum cleaner after removing the brazier.

The ash tray

This tray is used to collect the ashes produced by combustion. It is necessary to empty it regularly to prevent them from overflowing and further obstructing the crucible. Usually it can be removed and emptied. Otherwise, use a vacuum cleaner to reach every corner of the bin.

The walls of the fireplace

Following the combustion of pellets, residues may accumulate on the walls of the fireplace. It is important to clean them to make room. Use a vacuum cleaner to accomplish this task effectively.

The window

Pellet stoves are generally equipped with a window so that you can contemplate the beautiful flames that result from the combustion. You need to clean it regularly, as it tends to get dirty. To do this, use a damp microfiber cloth. Wipe both sides with a cloth to make it shiny and clean. Be careful, avoid detergent products which could damage the window seals.

Ventilation grilles

We tend to only clean the inside of the stove and neglect the outside. However, it is necessary to ensure that the ventilation grille is fully functional to optimize combustion. To do this, clean it with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a soft brush to remove any dirt that may have accumulated there.