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The history of DLM Industry Solutions is closely woven around the heritage and expertise of the Romanet company. This association gave birth to a new era in the field of wood energy blowers. Focus on these 15 years and the recent innovations brought by the company.

A look back at the journey of Yves Romanet and DLM Industry Solutions

Founded in 2021 and established in Rosny-sous-Bois, in the Paris region, DLM Industry Solutions was created thanks to the pioneering experience of Yves Romanet. In 2007, he was the pioneer in the design and introduction to the French market of the first wafer blowing bins.

This entrepreneurial adventure has been shaped by 15 years of experience. During this period, the Romanet company sold around 100 custom-made skips. More than half found buyers beyond French borders. The workshop was initially established in Sonnay, in Isère. Even today, the premises continues to bring these products to life for DLM Industry Solutions.

After the cessation of activities of the Romanet company in 2021, DLM took over. The company benefited from the technical support and invaluable expertise of Yves Romanet and Frédéric Galland, the workshop manager. Building on this experience, DLM has expanded its catalog to offer a diverse range of products. This ranges from stand-alone blowers to box blowers for wafers or pellets, and mixed blowers.

The first year of its existence was used to adapt this offer to environmental requirements and ergonomics. DLM has therefore created a version of an electric motorized blower. This model offers a multitude of tangible benefits. This new approach has resulted in a significant reduction in noise during delivery. It also eliminates pollution caused by exhaust gases while improving energy efficiency.

The versatility of DLM blowers is a key part of their appeal. They can be adapted to different types of skips, whether fixed skips, poly-tippers or agricultural trailers. These custom blowers can be installed on vehicles of all sizes. It is even possible to install them on existing skips.

The autonomous electric blower truck, a real revolution

DLM Industry Solutions has revolutionized the delivery vehicle landscape with the introduction of its first-ever autonomous electric blower truck. This is an unprecedented advancement in the sector.

Unveiled during the Euroforest 2023 forestry show in Burgundy-France-Comté, this model was directly intended for marketing. The technical characteristics of this twin turbine wind tunnel are simply remarkable. With a capacity of 25 m3, it is capable of discharging a variety of materials with a size of up to 80 mm and humidity up to 30%. The blowing flow rate varies between 0,8 and 1,2 m³/min.

But it was its electric version that aroused wonder. Equipped with a rechargeable battery or Power Box, the truck is simply recharged via a 220 V - 16 A electrical outlet. The 110 kW direct current motor powers the blower part via a hydraulic pump. An eight-hour charge allows the bin to be completely emptied twice a day without requiring additional electrical charging.

Conclusion: a legacy of excellence

In 15 years, DLM Industry Solutions, the fruit of Yves Romanet's experience, has left its mark on the history of snow blowers. Many notable advances demonstrate a commitment to innovation and sustainability. The autonomous electric blower truck is one of them. This transition to electric reflects a commitment to adapt to market needs and underlines the heritage of excellence enjoyed by the brand.